Unlocking entrepreneurial development through #profitable passions

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Our Mission

Our mission is to host a festival where young people are exposed to entrepreneurial and leadership skills that will set them up to become a catalyst for change in their local communities.

Our Vision

To connect young innovative youth and provide them with valuable entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

“I feel so much gratitude for having been given the chance to attend the South African Ideas Festival (SAIF). The skills I learnt from SAIF have allowed me to grow so much in my confidence in being a leader and in trusting that I can realise my goals.”

- -Obakeng Ngoepe. SAIF 2020 participant

“I found SAIF to be a very enriching and rewarding experience. I learnt valuable skills during my time with you guys and although I took some notes, they will never be as valuable and in depth as the presentations that you guys did.”

- -Ipfi Masikhwa. SAIF 2020 participant